Who Needs Rest Anyway?!

Who Needs Rest Anyway?!Perform 2-3 rounds of the following exercises. Do each move for 40 seconds of 'all out' effort, move to next exercise with no rest in between. Take a quick 5-10 sec break between rounds. 1. High KB Swing/Double KB Swing 2. 1-Arm KB Swing 3. 1-Arm KB Swing 4. KB Figure 8's 5. KB Squat-Tri.Ext. 6. KB Side-Side-Overhead Press 7. KB Suitcase DL's 8. DBL KB Burpee, SGL KB Diag Press 9. KB Wide Halos 10. KB Wide Halos 11. KB Upright Rows 12. KB Knee Repeater 13. KB Knee Repeater 14. KB Thrusters 15. Push Ups 16. KB Russian Twist 17. KB Hip Raise + Press 18. KB Side Bridge Raise 19. KB Side Bridge Raise 20. KB Leg Raises [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re1LjIRhJ0A&w=640&h=360] Keep up the GOOD WORK:) - NAT -

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